Monday, September 19, 2005

Alternative Rock (Flight 180)

Burned September 19, 2005

Flight One Eighty – Vacation
Forward Russia! – 9
Fossil – Josephine Baker
Fossil – Moon
Frenchmen, the – Private Name (Private Number)
Frenchmen, the – Steaming Train [Talulah Gosh original, a.k.a. Screaming Train]
Futureheads, the – Decent Days and Nights [live@KVRX]
Gay Dogs – (I'm in Love With) Bert Barat
Gay Dogs – Gay Dog
Gay Dogs – Sexy
Gene Loves Jezebel – Bruises [original version]
Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire [original version]
Gene Loves Jezebel – Downhill Bothways
Gene Loves Jezebel – Motion of Love [demo version]
Gene Loves Jezebel – Screaming for Emmalene [original version]
Gene Loves Jezebel – Why Me, Why This, Why Now?
Gene Loves Jezebel – Worth Waiting For [live]
Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) – Cleareyed
Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) – Courage
Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) – Darkest Hour
Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) – Finally Fading
Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) – Thankful
Gravy Train – Darque Tan
Happy Couple, the – Another Sunny Day
Heida – Loftborg
Heida and Heidingjarnir – Tango
Heikki – Former Hero
Heikki – I Always Knew
Hellvar – Give Me Gold
His Name Is Alive – Get Your Curse
His Name Is Alive – Here Forever Always
His Name Is Alive – Last Summer
His Name Is Alive – Summer Bird
Hugo Lindmark Band – No Good, Girl
Interpol – NYC
Invisible Cities, the – Birthday
Invisible Cities, the – Bumper Cars
Invisible Cities, the – Double-Fisted
Invisible Cities, the – Everything You Started With
Invisible Cities, the – Regret [New Order original]
Invisible Cities, the – The Only Thing
Invisible Lead Soup – They Are Making Monkeys Out of You
Jens Lekman – Are Birthdays Happy?
Jens Lekman – Draw a Dinosaur for Me
Jens Lekman – Pocketful of Money
Kicker – Blue
Kicker – Chancifer
Kicker – Morning Comes
Kicker – No More Tears [acoustic version]
Kicker – On Your Floor
Kicker – Paraguay
Kicker – Tomorrow Always Comes
Killers, the – Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself? [Morrissey original]
Known Unknowns, the – Solidarity
Known Unknowns, the – Who Needs the Pouring Rain?
Known Unknowns, the – You Lack the Spritual Qualities Needed for This Position
Kommunity FK – Anti-Pop
Kommunity FK – No Fear
Kommunity FK – Something Inside Me Has Died
Ladyfuzz – Hold Up
Laibach – Hymn to the Black Sun
Laibach – Let It Be [The Beatles original]
Laibach – Life Is Life
Laibach – One after 909 [The Beatles original]
Language of Flowers – Tara Mascara
Laurel Music – Dreams and Lies
Laurel Music – The Way Love Goes
Le Sport – Eurosport Music Baby
Le Sport – I Comes before You
Le Sport – Shaking a Lot
Le Sport – Tell No One about Tonight
Le Sport – Your Brother Is My Only Hope
Legendary 10 Seconds – What Else Can I Do?
Legends, the – He Knows the Sun
Levinhurst – A Thousand Suns [The Cure Lol Tolhurst's band]
Love (Arthur Lee) – Alone Again Or
Lovejoy – Sid Vicious
Loves, the – Just like Bobby D
Lucksmiths, the – A Hiccup in Your Happiness
Lucksmiths, the – Mars
Lucksmiths, the – The Chapter in Your Life entitled San Francisco
Math and Physics Club – Movie-Ending Romance
Math and Physics Club – Weekends Away
Max Q – Way of the World [INXS Michael Hutchence’s side project]
Melys – Chinese Whispers
Melys – I Don't Believe in You
Melys – Un darllenwr lwcus
Melys – You Wannit Deep [skinflick mix]
Minor Detail – Others Need You
Modesty – Wounded Soul
Money M & the Family – To-Do List
Morningwood – nth Degree
Morrisons, the – Southbound Train
Morrisons, the – Town after Town
My Bloody Valentine vs. Lumidee – Gonna Leave You Soon [instrumental]
My Bloody Valentine vs. Lumidee – Gonna Leave You Soon [mix]
My Enemy – Add Some Spiders
My Enemy – Collage
My Enemy – Gronland
My Enemy – My Time Coming
Naimi Hej Solen
Naimi – Kroksjo
Naimi – Miss You
Naimi – Ödevata
Naimi – Test
Nomo – We Go to Sleep Believing
Orange Peels – Something in You
Our Daughter's Wedding – Target for Life
Pale Sunday – The White Tambourine
Panda Kopanda – Letting Go
Panda Kopanda – Where I Belong
Persil – Happy
Persil – Sofa Adventures
Pet Politics – The Ghost Mary and Her Friends
Peter Godwin – Baby's in the Mountains
Peter Godwin – Emotional Disguise
Peter Godwin – Images of Heaven
Pipas – Wells Street
Pop Will Eat Itself – Bulletproof
Pop Will Eat Itself – Harry Dean Stanton
Pop Will Eat Itself – I've Always Been a Coward, Baby
Popsicle – Histrionics
Postcards, the – Hey Girl [At Home with The Postcards]
Postcards, the – John Peel Was a Friend of Mine
Postcards, the – My Favourite – [At Home with The Postcards]
Postcards, the – Stay Home – [At Home with The Postcards]
Postcards, the – What Am I Supposed to Do?
Presets – Down Down Down
Punk of Country – My Happy Days
Punk of Country – Stop Talk Just Fall
Punk of Country – Take Me On
Punk of Country – Yes, I Go Away
Purrkur Pillnikk – Surprise
Rachid Taha – Rock El Casbah [The Clash original]
Radio Arts, the – Walk Right Through
Rakes, the – 22 Grand Job
Risaedlan – Kindness and Love
Robyn – Crash and Burn Girl
Rough Bunnies, the – Dance with Your Shadow
Rumble Strips, the – Hate Me
Sambassadeur – Between the Lines
Sambassadeur – Whatever Season
Santa Dog – Delicate
Sara Jorge – Dirty Business
Shriekback – Hand on My Heart
Simple Minds – Different World
Simple Minds – Stay Visible
Sister Ray – The Favourite Game
Smears, the – Bring It On
Sons of Heroes – Start of the Human Race
Spring Boutique – So Twee
Starflower – Bug
Starflower – Leaving
Starflower – You're Not Alone [1st version]
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Julsang
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Rent a Wreck
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Trumpets and Violins
Subways, the – Oh Yeah [acoustic version]
Subways, the – Staring at the Sun
Sugarcubes, the – Planet
Symbolic One and Illmind (featuring Strange Fruit) – The Broke Song
They Live by Night – Truth or Dare
This Perfect Day – Can't You See?
Todd Stadtman – A Popular Girl
Todd Stadtman – Anna Li
Todd Stadtman – Everything There Is to Have
Todd Stadtman – Expert
Todd Stadtman – I Don't Know Why She's Here
Todd Stadtman – I Lose the Tiny Man
Todd Stadtman – Summer's Gone
Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason
Unun – First Aid
Unun – Mexiko
Violent Femmes – Country Death Song
Violent Femmes – Dance, Motherfucker, Dance!
Vonbrigdi – Mannskepnur
Vonbrigdi – Sjalfsmord
Voxtrot – The Start of Something
V-Vm Test Records – I'm Out of My Mind and Bacon Rind
Wallpaper Silhouettes – A Need to Know
Wallpaper Silhouettes – Autumn Love
Wallpaper Silhouettes – Silence within Me
Wallpaper Silhouettes – The Marauder
Wallpaper Silhouettes – You Don’t Need to Get Me What I Want
White Rose Movement – Love Is a Number
Wintergreen – Squirrel in the Wallspace
Wintergreen – The Rule of Small Things
Wintergreen – Three Heads
Wintergreen – Are Our Future
Young Tradition, the – Now You Know
Zaine Griff – The Scandinavian

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CD-R name: Russian Rock et al

(burned, 091405)

Folder: Russian Rock

[Russian] Kino – A Sitar Was Playing
[Russian] Kino – A Star called the Sun (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – A Tree
[Russian] Kino – Aluminum Cucumbers (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – Dina
[Russian] Kino – Eighth-Grade
[Russian] Kino – I'm Asphalt
[Russian] Kino – I'm Walking along the Street
[Russian] Kino – In the Kitchen
[Russian] Kino – I've Got Time but No Money
[Russian] Kino – Kamchatka
[Russian] Kino – My Friends
[Russian] Kino – Pine Trees on the Seashore
[Russian] Kino – Red and Yellow Days
[Russian] Kino – Suburban Electric Train (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – Summer Will Soon Be Over (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – Sunny Days
[Russian] Kino – The Idler (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – The Idler II (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – We’ll Take Action from Now On (recommended)
[Russian] Kino – You Just Want to Know
[Russian] Kino – You Were Once a Beatnik
[Russian] Leningrad - _aysedora
[Russian] Leningrad - _blyadi
[Russian] Leningrad - _davay-davay
[Russian] Leningrad - _katuha
[Russian] Leningrad - _lelya
[Russian] Leningrad - _luba
[Russian] Leningrad - _lubov
[Russian] Leningrad - _matrosi
[Russian] Leningrad - _pidarasy
[Russian] Leningrad - _pulya
[Russian] Leningrad - _rezinoviy_muzhik
[Russian] Leningrad - _sveta
[Russian] Leningrad - _tabletka
[Russian] Leningrad - _tanci
[Russian] Leningrad - _tanec_malenkih_lebedey
[Russian] Leningrad - _tanya
[Russian] Leningrad - _ya_tak_lublu_tebya
[Russian] Leningrad - _zenit
[Russian] Leningrad - _zvezdi_i_luna
[Russian] Leningrad – Common Everybody
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 02 Прости, Киска!
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 03 Банзай (recommended)
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 04 Хищник
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 05 Страху нет
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 06 Кораллы
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 07 Приватизация
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 08 Такбываетнеслучайно (recom)
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 10 Янтарь
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 11 Ирис
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 12 Непокой
[Russian] Mumiy Troll – 13 Здравствуйдосвидания
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Ave Maria ['Каллы,' 2000]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Baby ['Хару Мамбуру,' 1993]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Christmas Lullaby ['Сибирская любовь,' 1995]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Demoralization of Love ['Сибирская любовь,' 1995]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Kharoo Mamburoo ['Сибирская любовь,' 1995]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Teenager Semenov ['Сибирская любовь,' 1995]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – The Mesage ['Сибирская любовь,' 1995]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Волки ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1999]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Голый Клоун ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – День Рожденья ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1999]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Капризы Манекенщиц ['Хару Мамбуру,' 1993]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Китайские Колокольчики ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Кукла ['Каллы,' 2000]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Лысая Девочка ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Московский Романс ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – На Тихорецкую ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Поликлиника ['Каллы,' 2000]
[Russian] Nogu Svelo – Четыре Друга ['Счастлива, потому что беременна,' 1997]
Agata Kristi – Opium
Auktyon – Bogi
Auktyon – Den pobedi (‘Victory Day’)
Auktyon – Fa-fa-fa
Auktyon – Glaza (‘Eyes’)
Auktyon – Koldun (‘Wizard’)
Auktyon – Kon uunjos
Auktyon – Mogatir
Auktyon – Moya lyubov (‘My Love’)
Auktyon – Okhotnik (‘The Hunter’)
Auktyon – Ptica (‘Bird’)
Auktyon – Vyzhit (‘To Survive’)
Auktyon – Zima (‘Winter’)
Red Elvises – 200 lbs of Pure Love
Red Elvises – Ballad of Elvis and Pricilla
Red Elvises – Bedroom Boogie
Red Elvises – Boogie on the Beach
Red Elvises – City of Angels
Red Elvises – Good Guys
Red Elvises – Hawaii Dancing Song
Red Elvises – I Wanna See You Bellydance
Red Elvises – Jerry's Got the Squeeze Box
Red Elvises – Juliett
Red Elvises – Love Pipe
Red Elvises – My Love Is Killing Me
Red Elvises – Pilorama
Red Elvises – Pilot John
Red Elvises – Roketman
Red Elvises – Scorchi Chorniye
Red Elvises – Sex in Paradise
Red Elvises – Superment
Red Elvises – Surfing in Siberia
Red Elvises – Tango
Red Elvises – We Got the Groove
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 01 Все в порядке (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 01 Пока это кажется важным
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 01 Сети (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 02 Зачем топтать мою любовь (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 02 Под водой (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 02 Утром
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 03 Вечно молодой (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 03 Охотники (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 03 Чужое небо
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 04 Когда ты умрешь (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 04 Лед (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 04 Напролом
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 05 Первый День Осени
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 05 Разум когда-нибудь победит (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 05 Розовые очки (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 06 В никуда
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 06 Все под контролем (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 06 Звезды-3000 (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 07 Mope
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 07 Замкнутый круг (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 07 Свобода (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 08 Диско (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 08 Звездопад
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 08 Каждый твой шаг (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 09 Сердце, тише (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 09 Таю (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 09 Ты Можешь Не Думать Об Этом
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 10 Бездна (2000)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 10 Больно
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 10 Больше, чем жизнь (2001)
Smyslovye Gallucinacii – 11 DJ'и сходят с ума (2000)
t.A.T.u. – 30 minutes
t.A.T.u. – 30 минут (‘30 minutes’)
t.A.T.u. – All the Things She Said
t.A.T.u. – Clowns
t.A.T.u. – How Soon Is Now [the smiths orig]
t.A.T.u. – Malchik Gay (‘Gay Boy’)
t.A.T.u. – Not Gonna Get Us
t.A.T.u. – Show Me Love
t.A.T.u. – Stars
t.A.T.u. – Досчитай до 100
t.A.T.u. – Зачем я
t.A.T.u. – Клоуны
t.A.T.u. – Мальчик-гей
t.A.T.u. – Нас не догонят (‘Not Gonna Get Us’)
t.A.T.u. – Не верь, не бойся, не проси
t.A.T.u. – Покажи мне любовь
t.A.T.u. – Простые движения (‘Simple Motions’)
t.A.T.u. – Робот (‘Robot’)
t.A.T.u. – Я сошла с ума (‘I've Lost My Mind’)
t.A.T.u. – Я твой враг
t.A.T.u. – Я твоя не первая

Folder: Metal
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Aerosmith – Walk This Way
Alice Cooper – I Never Cry
Alice Cooper – School's Out
Def Leppard – Animal
Def Leppard – Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?
Def Leppard – Photograph
Def Leppard – Pyromania
Def Leppard – When Love and Hate Collide
Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons
Lenny Kravitz – It Ain't Over Till It's Over
Mr. Big – Burn [deep purple orig]
Neil Young – Alabama
Neil Young – Harvest Moon
Neil Young – Keep on Rocking in the Free World
Neil Young – Like a Hurricane
Neil Young – Southern Man
Rolling Stones, the – Paint It Black
Rolling Stones, the – Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones, the – Sympathy for the Devil
Scatterbrain - Don't Call Me Dude
Steely Dan – Aja
Steely Dan – Reeling in the Years
Whitesnake – Is This Love?
Whitesnake – Slip of the Tongue

Folder: Pop
Joey Mcintyre (of New Kids on the Block) – I Love You Came Too Late
Joey McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block) – Stay the Same
Jordan Knight (of New Kids on the Block) – Close My Eyes
Jordan Knight (of New Kids on the Block) – Give It to You
Jordan Knight (of New Kids on the Block) – I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Tommy Page - Shoulder to Cry On

Folder: Filipino
Coritha – Lolo Jose
Cueshe – Stay
Cueshe – Ulan
Judas – Dukha
Orange and Lemons – A Beginning of Something
Orange and Lemons – Pinoy Ako
Soapdish – Ewan Ko
Sugar Free – K'warto

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wanted MP3s

Crippled Pilgrims - "Black and White"
Dancing Hoods - "Torn Away"
Flaming Mussolinis - "My Cleopatra" (album version)
The Sun and the Moon songs
Vanilla Trainwreck - "Waint," "Yellow," "Jet," "Jangarene," and the rest from the Sounding to Try Like You album

Monday, February 28, 2005


1 000 Violins - Are You Around or Square?
1 000 Violins - Holiday
1 000 Violins - Journey into the Great Unknown
1 000 Violins - Like One Thousand Violins
1 000 Violins - Touch Me Know [?Now]
1 000 Violins - Universe at Dusk
3 O'clock - On Paper (ext)
311 - Love Song (the cure orig) [50 First Dates OST]
"9-11 All-Stars" (Ja Rule, Nelly Furtado, NSync, P Diddy, Alicia Keys, U2 et al) - What's Going On?
10 000 Maniacs - Eat for Two
10 000 Maniacs - Every Day Is like Sunday
10 000 Maniacs - More than This (roxy music orig)
10 000 Maniacs - Trouble Me
10 000 Maniacs - What's the Matter Here?
10 000 Maniacs - These Are Days
14 Iced Bears - Cut
14 Iced Bears - Inside
14 Iced Bears - Like a Dolphin
38 Special - Second Chance
38 Special - Somebody like You
441 - Beautiful Places
441 - Pray for Rain
441 - Push These Walls Down
441 - Sacrifice
4 Non Blondes - What's Up?
4 Non Blondes - What's Up? (piano version)

808 State (with Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen) - Moses

Sunday, February 27, 2005


a1 - Take on Me (a-ha orig)
A Certain Ratio - Forced Laugh
A Don Piper Situation - Let the Day In
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
A Flock of Seagulls - Modern Love Is Automatic
A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song
A Flock of Seagulls - The More You Live, The More You Love
A Flock of Seagulls - Transfer Affection
A House - Call Me Blue
A Minor Forest - Fuck the House
A Perfect Circle - Judith
A Perfect Circle - Orestes
A Perfect Circle - Pet
A Perfect Circle - The Nurse who Loved Me
A Perfect Circle - The Outsider
A Perfect Circle - Thinking of You
A Perfect Circle - Vanishing
A Perfect Circle - Wake the Dead
A Perfect Circle - Weak and Powerless
ABC - Be Near Me
ABC - How to Be a Millionaire
ABC - Ocean Blue
ABC - The Look of Love
ABC - Vanity Kills
ABC - When Smokey Sings <12''>
Adam & the Ants - Stand and Deliver
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
Adam Ant - Miss Thing
Adam Ant - Wonderful

Adam Sandler - Forgetful Lucy [50 First Dates OST]
Adam Sandler - Grow Old with You
Adventures, the - Bright New Morning
Adventures, the - Broken Land
Adventures, the - Drowning in the Sea of Love
Adventures, the - Two Rivers
Aerosmith - Dream On
Aerosmith - Jaded Aerosmith - Janie's Got a Gun
Aerospace - Summer Days Are Forever
After the Fire - Der Kommisar
a-ha - And You Tell Me
a-ha - Cry Wolf
a-ha - Crying in the Rain (everly brothers orig)
a-ha - Forever Not Yours
a-ha - Here I Stand and Face the Rain
a-ha - Hunting High and Low
a-ha - Hunting High and Low
a-ha - I Dream Myself Alive
a-ha - I Wish I Cared
a-ha - Little Black Heart
a-ha - Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
a-ha - Love Is Reason
a-ha - Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Count
a-ha - Maybe, Maybe
a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky
a-ha - Summer Moved On
a-ha - Take on Me
a-ha - The Blue Sky
a-ha - The Company Man
a-ha - The Living Daylights
a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV
a-ha - The Sun Never Shone That Day
a-ha - To Let You Win
a-ha - Train of Thought
a-ha - Velvet
Al Corley - Over Me
Al Corley - Square Rooms
Al Corley - Tell Me
Al Jarreau - Let's Pretend
Alain Souchon - Le Baiser
Alarm, the - Absolute Reality
Alarm, the - Deeside
Alarm, the - Rain in the Summertime
Alarm, the - Rain in the Summertime
Alarm, the - Rescue Me
Alarm, the - Spirit of '76
Alarm, the - Walk Forever by My Side
Album Leaf, the - On Your Way
Aleixa - The Reflex (duran duran orig)
Alias - More than Words Can Say
All about Eve - Shelter from the Rain
All Star United - Beautiful Thing
All Star United - Superstar
Allister - I Want It That Way (backstreet boys orig)
Allister - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (proclaimers orig)
Allister - Jacob Thinks I'm Gay
Allister - Jimmy's Dreamgirl
Allister - Somewhere Down in Fullerton
Allister - The One that Got Away
Allister - X Girlfriend
Alphaville - Big in Japan
Alphaville - Dance with Me
Alphaville - Forever Young
Alphaville - Forever Young
Altered Images - Don't Talk to Me about Love
Altered Images - Happy Birthday
Altered Images - Thinking about You
And Also the Trees - Fighting in a Lighthouse
And Also the Trees - Lady d'Arbanville
And Also the Trees - Macbeth's Head
And Also the Trees - Mermen of the Lea
And Also the Trees - Sickness Divine
And Also the Trees - So This Is Silence
And Also the Trees - The Headless Clay Woman
And Also the Trees - The Pear Tree
And Also the Trees - The Pear Tree
And Also the Trees - Virus Meadow
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - A Perfect Teenhood
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - After the Laughter
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Another Morning Stoner
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Baudelaire
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Fake, Fake Eyes
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Grace Kelly with Wings
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - How Near, How Far
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - It Was There that I Saw You
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Mistakes and Regrets
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Relative Ways
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Totally Natural
Andrew Ridgeley (of Wham!) - Shake
Angelic Upstarts - I'm an Upstart
Annabel Lamb - Heartland (the sound original)
Annie Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass
Annie Lennox - Why?
Annie Lennox (of Eurythmics) - No More I Love Yous (the lover speaks orig)
Antarctica - Absence
Anti-Clockwise - Lambrusco Kid (toy dolls orig)
Anti-Nowhere League - (We Will Not) Remember You
Anti-Nowhere League - For You
Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate People
Anti-Nowhere League - Let's Break the Law
Anti-Nowhere League - Snowman
Anti-Nowhere League - So What
Anti-Nowhere League - Streets of London
Anti-Nowhere League - Woman
Anything Box - All These Days Undone
Anything Box - All You Need Is Love (beatles orig)
Anything Box - Blue Little Rose
Anything Box - Carmen
Anything Box - Decades
Anything Box - Emily
Anything Box - Hypocrites
Anything Box - Jubilation
Anything Box - Just One Day
Anything Box - Kiss of Life
Anything Box - Lady in Waiting
Anything Box - Living in Oblivion
Anything Box - Rise
Anything Box - Soldier and Child
Anything Box - Soul on Fire
Anything Box - When We Lie
Anything Box - Where Is Love and Happiness
Apartments, the - Mr. Somewhere
Apartments, the - Shyest Time
Apartments, the - Things You'll Keep
Apollo Four Forty - I Feel You (depeche mode orig)
Apoptygma Berzerk - A Strange Day
Apoptygma Berzerk - Electricity (omd orig)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Enjoy the Silence (depeche mode orig)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Fade to Black (metallica orig)
April Showers - Abandon Ship
April Showers - Every Time We Say Goodbye
Arab Strap - Cherubs
Arab Strap - Love Detective
Arab Strap - Motown Answers
Arab Strap - Red Thread
Arab Strap - Scenery
Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend
Arab Strap - The Shy Retirer

Arcade Fire, the - Laika
Arcade Fire, the - No Cars Go
Arcade Fire, the - Rebellion (Lies)
Arcadia - Goodbye Is Forever
Arkarna - So Little Time
Armoury Show - Castles in Spain
Armoury Show - Kyrie
Art of Noise - Beat Box
Art of Noise - Close (to the Edit)
Art of Noise - I Don't Believe in Love [The Butterfly Effect OST]
Art of Noise - Paranoimia [Max Headroom OST]
Art of Noise - Moments in Love
Art of Noise - Opus 4
Art of Noise - Peter Gunn
Ashby - Horizon
Ashe - Cry for You [The Butterfly Effect OST]
Asia - Heat of the Moment
Associates, the - Never My Love
Ataris, the - Between You and Me
Ataris, the - I Remember You (skid row orig)
Ataris, the - The Saddest Song
ATF - Love Will Always Make You Cry
ATF - One Rule for You
ATF - Starflight
Athlete - Wires
Auteurs, the - Lenny Valentino
Auteurs, the - Now You're a Cowboy
Avons, the - Everything's Going Right
Avons, the - Is Billy There?
Avons, the - Seeing Things
Avril Lavigne - Complicated
Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me
Avril Lavigne - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (bob dylan orig)
Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip
Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
Avril Lavigne - Sk8r Boi
Azam Ali - Ben Pode Santa Maria
Azam Ali - Lasse pour Quoi
Aztec Camera - All I Need Is Everything
Aztec Camera - Backwards and Forwards
Aztec Camera - Deep and Wide and Tall
Aztec Camera - Deep and Wide and Tall
Aztec Camera - Good Morning, Britain
Aztec Camera - How Men Are
Aztec Camera - Jump
Aztec Camera - Killermont Street
Aztec Camera - Oblivious
Aztec Camera - One and One
Aztec Camera - Orchid Girl
Aztec Camera - Somewhere in My Heart
Aztec Camera - Song for a Friend
Aztec Camera - Spanish Horses
Aztec Camera - Still on Fire
Aztec Camera - The Crying Scene
Aztec Camera - True Colours (cyndi lauper orig)
Aztec Camera - Walk Out to Winter
Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters
Aztec Camera (and Andy Fairweather) - If Paradise Is Half as Nice
Aztec Camera (and Ryuichi Sakamoto) - Same Dream, Same Destination

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Bad English - Forget Me Not
Bad English - I Ain't Missing You
Bad English - When I See You Smile
Bad Manners - Lorraine
Bad News - Cashing In on Christmas
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Bananarama - Cruel Summer
Bananarama - Robert de Niro's Waiting

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas? <12''>
Band Aid II - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas? <2004>
Band of Susans - It's Locked Away
Bangles, the - Eternal Flame
Bangles, the - Manic Monday (composed by Prince)
Bangles, the - Walk Like an Egyptian
Barenaked Ladies - Jane
Bates, the - Billie Jean (michael jackson orig)
Bauhaus - Burning from the Inside
Bauhaus - Crowds
Bauhaus - Dark Entries
Bauhaus - Double Dare
Bauhaus - Everyday Is Halloween
Bauhaus - Hollow Hills
Bauhaus - In the Flat Field
Bauhaus - Kick in the Eye
Bauhaus - Mask
Bauhaus - She's in Parties
Bauhaus - Silent Hedges
Bauhaus - Spirit
Bauhaus - Spy in the Cab
Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr
Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Bauhaus - The Passion of Lovers
Bauhaus - The Sanity Assassin
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye, Baby
Bay City Rollers - Don't Stop the Music
Bay City Rollers - Give a Little Love
Bay City Rollers - Let's Pretend
Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night (written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter)
Bay City Rollers - Shang-a-Lang
Beach Boys, the - Barbara Ann
Beach Boys, the - Catch a Wave
Beach Boys, the - Surfer Girl
Beach Boys, the - Surfin' USA
Beach Boys, the - Wendy

Beach Boys, the - Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Beatles - Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Beatles - Eight Days a Week
Beatles - Here, There, and Everywhere
Beatles - Imagine
Beatles - Let It Be
Beatles - Penny Lane
Beatles - Ticket to Ride
Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Beatles - Yesterday
Beatles - You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Beau Brummels - Cry Just a Little
Beau Brummels - Laugh, Laugh
Beautiful South, the - I Started a Joke (bee gees orig)
Beck - Do They Know It's Christmas? (band aid orig)
Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love?
Bee Gees - If You Leave Me Now
Bee Gees - More than a Woman
Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Bees, the - These Are the Ghosts
Bees, the - Wash in the Rain
Bees, the - I Love You
Belinda Carlisle - Circles in the Sand
Belinda Carlisle - Half the World
Belinda Carlisle - I Get Weak
Belinda Carlisle - Leave a Light On for Me
Belinda Carlisle - Mad about You
Belinda Carlisle - Summer Rain
Belinda Carlisle - Vision of You
Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Belle & Sebastian - If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
Belle & Sebastian - I'm a Cuckoo
Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
Belle & Sebastian - Space Boy Dream
Belle & Sebastian - Stars of Track and Field
Belle & Sebastian - Step into My Office, Baby
Belle & Sebastian - To Salt a Scar
Belle & Sebastian - Weathershow
Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped Up
Belle & Sebastian - You Don't Send Me
Belouis Some - Animal Magic
Belouis Some - Animal Magic

Belouis Some - Have You Ever Been in Love?
Belouis Some - Round, Round
Beloved, the - I Love You More
Beloved, the - Outerspace Girl
Berlin - Take My Breath Away
Bernard Butler (of London Suede) - Autograph
Bernard Butler (of London Suede) - I'd Do It Again if I Could
Bernard Butler (of London Suede) - I'm Tired
Bernard Butler (of London Suede) - Stay
Beta Band - Assessment
Beta Band - Dry the Rain
Beta Band - Human Being
Beta Band - Needles in My Eyes
Beta Band - She's the One
Beta Band - Squares
Beta Band - The House Song
Bettie Serveert - Balantine
Bettie Serveert - For All We Know
Bettie Serveert - Kid's Alright
Bettie Serveert - Life Is an Imbecile
Bettie Serveert - Palomine
Bettie Serveert - Pork and Beans
Bettie Serveert - Rudder
Bettie Serveert - Tomboy
Bettie Serveert - Totally Freaked Out
Bettie Serveert - Under the Surface
Bettie Serveert - What Friends?
Bettie Serveert - Wide-Eyed Fools
Beulah - A Good Man Is Easy to Kill
Beulah - Gravity's Bringing Us Down
Beulah - I Love John, She Loves Paul
Beulah - If We Can Land a Man on the Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart
Beulah - I've Been Broken (I've Been Fixed)
Beulah - What Will You Do when Your Suntan Fades?
Bible, the - Crystal Palace
Bible, the - Graceland
Bible, the - Honey, Be Good
Bible, the - Skeleton Crew
Bic Runga - Counting the Days
Bic Runga - Drive
Bic Runga - Get Some Sleep
Bic Runga (with Dan Wilson of Semisonic) - Good Morning, Baby Bic Runga - Gravity
Bic Runga - Honest Goodbyes
Bic Runga - Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl
Bic Runga - Ordinary Girl
Bic Runga (with Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn) - Precious Things
Bic Runga - Something Good
Bic Runga - Sway
Bic Runga - When I See You Smile
Bic Runga - Without You

Big Audio Dynamite - Bad [Ferris Bueller's Day Off OST]
Big Audio Dynamite - C'mmon Every Beatbox
Big Audio Dynamite - E=mc2
Big Audio Dynamite - Everybody Needs a Holiday
Big Audio Dynamite (with Kate Bush) - If I Were John Carpenter
Big Audio Dynamite - London Bridge
Big Audio Dynamite - Medicine Show
Big Audio Dynamite - Rush
Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line
Big Audio Dynamite - The Globe
Big Audio Dynamite II - Kool-Aid
Big Audio Dynamite II - Rush
Big Country - Look Away
Big Country - Wonderland
Big Supreme - He'll Deceive
Bill Pritchard - I'm Your Man
Bill Pritchard - Invisible State
Billy Bragg - A New England

Billy Bragg (with Natalie Merchant of 10 000 Maniacs) - Bread and Circuses
Billy Bragg - Greetings to the New Brunette
Billy Bragg - Greetings to the New Brunette
Billy Bragg - Irish Drinking Songs - Molly Malone
Billy Bragg - Panic (the smiths cover)
Billy Idol - Blue Highway
Billy Idol - Blue Highway
Billy Idol - Catch My Fall
Billy Idol - Cradle of Love
Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself
Billy Idol - Don't You (Forget about Me) (simple minds orig)
Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face
Billy Idol - Flesh for Fantasy
Billy Idol - Hot in the City
Billy Idol - Mony Mony
Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Billy Idol - White Wedding
Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are
Billy Joel - Sometimes a Fantasy
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
Billy Ocean - Loverboy
Birdie - Such a Sound
Black - Everything's Coming Up Roses
Black - Wonderful Life
Blackout - Woman (anti-nowhere league orig)
Blake Babies - Disappear
Blake Babies - Out There
Blake Babies - Until I Almost Died
Blake Babies - Waiting for Heaven
Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling <12''>
Blancmange - Waves
Blind Date - My Heart Keeps Burning <12''>
Blind Melon - No Rain
blink 182 - Adam's Song
blink 182 (with Robert Smith of The Cure) - All of This

blink 182 - All the Small Things
blink 182 - Damn It
blink 182 - I Miss You
blink 182 - Man Overboard
blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids

Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices
Bloc Party - Staying Fat
Blondie - Call Me
Blondie - One Way or Another
Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene
Blow Monkeys - It Doesn't Have to Be This Way
Blow Monkeys - Wildflower
Blue Boy, the - Remember Me
Blue Invention - Still in My Heart
Blue Nile - Downtown Lig
Blue Nile - Happiness
Blue Nile - Love Came Down
Blue Nile - Regret
Blue Nile - Stay
Blue Nile - The Wires Are Down
Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain
Blue Nile (with David Sylvian of Japan) - Forget His Voice
Blue Peter - Don't Walk Past
Blue Zoo - Cry, Boy, Cry
Blue Zoo - I Just Can't (Forgive and Forget) <12''>
Blue Zoo - Love Moves in Strange Ways
Blue Zoo - Somewhere in the World There's a Cowboy Smiling
Bluebells, the - Cath
Bluebells, the - Young at Heart

Blur - Charmless Man
Blur - Coffee and TV
Blur - Country House

Blur - Crazy Beats
Blur - Death of a Party

Blur - End of a Century
Blur - Girls and Boys

Blur - Music Is My Radar
Blur - Tender
Blur - The Universal
B-Movie - Letter from Afar
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
BMX Bandits - c86
BMX Bandits - Cast a Shadow
BMX Bandits - Disco Girl
BMX Bandits - Kylie's Got a Crush on Us
Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought the Law
Bobby Vinton - Come Back when You Grow Up
Bobby Vinton - Dick and Jane
Bobby Vinton - Mr. Lonely
Bobby Vinton - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Bobby Vinton - Please Love Me Forever
Bobby Vinton - Sealed with a Kiss
Bob Geldof & Johnny Fingers - I Don't Like Mondays
Bob McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy
Bodines, the - Closer to Free
Bodines, the - Heard It All
Bodines, the - Waiting on Love
Bolshoi, the - A Way )
Bolshoi, the - Billie Jean (michael jackson orig)
Bolshoi, the - Looking for a Life to Lose
Bolshoi, the - Modern Man
Bolshoi, the - Please
Bolshoi, the - TV Man

Bolshoi, the - Sunday Morning
Bolshoi, the - West of London Town
Bongos, the - Numbers with Wings
Bon Jovi - Always
Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory
Bon Jovi - Blood on Blood
Bon Jovi - Born to Be My Baby
Bon Jovi - I'll Be There for You
Bon Jovi - In These Arms
Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith
Bon Jovi - Never Say Goodbye
Book of Love - Book of Love
Book of Love - Boy
Book of Love - I Touch Roses
Book of Love - I Touch Roses
Book of Love - Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
Boomtown Rats, the - Banana Republic
Boomtown Rats, the - House on Fire
Boo Radleys, the - 4 a.m. Conversation
Boo Radleys, the - Alone Again Or (the damned orig)
Boo Radleys, the - Charles Bukowski Is Dead
Boo Radleys, the - C'mmon Kids
Boo Radleys, the - Everything Is Sorrow
Boo Radleys, the - Fairfax Scene
Boo Radleys, the - Find the Answer Within
Boo Radleys, the - Fortunate Sons
Boo Radleys, the - From the Bench at Belvedere
Boo Radleys, the - Get on the Bus
Boo Radleys, the - I Hang Suspended
Boo Radleys, the - It's Lulu
Boo Radleys, the - Joel
Boo Radleys, the - Kaleidoscope
Boo Radleys, the - Lazarus
Boo Radleys, the - Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'clock
Boo Radleys, the - Melodies for the Deaf (Colours for the Blind)
Boo Radleys, the - Peachy Keen
Boo Radleys, the - Reaching Out from Here
Boo Radleys, the - Rodney King
Boo Radleys, the - Smile Fades Fast
Boo Radleys, the - Stuck on Amber
Boo Radleys, the - There She Goes Again (the la's orig)
Boo Radleys, the - Twinside
Boo Radleys, the - Wake Up, Boo!
Boo Radleys, the - Wilder
Boo Radleys, the - Wish I Was Skinny
Bowling for Soup - 1985
Bowling for Soup - Emily
Bowling for Soup - Greatest Day
Bowling for Soup - I Don't Wanna Rock
Bowling for Soup - Monopoly
Bowling for Soup - Summer of 69 (bryan adams orig)
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Box Car Racer - I Feel So
Box Car Racer - Letters to God
Box Car Racer - The End with You
Box Car Racer - There Is
Boy George (of Culture Club) - The Crying Game
Boys Brigade - Melody
Bradford - Gang of One
Bradford - Lust Roulette
Brave Captain - Belsi's Beads

Brave Captain - Down Between
Brave Captain - Fucking Sunday
Brave Captain - Love Will See Us Through
Brave Captain - Mobilise
Brave Captain - Release
Brave Captain - The Sound of Wichita
Brave Captain - This Weight that You Have Found
Brave Captain - Wreckers Off Message
Bread - Aubrey
Bread - Diary
Bread - If
Bread - Take Me Now
Breakfast Club - Rico Mambo
Breathe - Hands to Heaven
Breathe - How Can I Fall
Breeders, the - Cannonball
Breeders, the - Divine Hammer
Breeders, the - Do You Love Me Now?
Breeders, the - Invisible Man
Breeders, the - Safari
Brian May - Too Much Love Will Kill You
Briggs, Brian - Look around the Corner
Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
Bright Eyes - A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
Bright Eyes - Amy in the White Coat
Bright Eyes - Another Travelin' Song
Bright Eyes - Arc of Time
Bright Eyes - Blue Christmas
Bright Eyes - Bowl of Oranges
Bright Eyes - Difference in the Shades
Bright Eyes - Exaltation on a Cool, Kitchen Floor
Bright Eyes - For You
Bright Eyes - Happy Birthday to Me
Bright Eyes - I Believe in Sympathy
Bright Eyes - I Won't Ever Be Happy Again
Bright Eyes - If Winter Ends
Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have to Love
Bright Eyes - Messenger Bird's Song
Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness
Bright Eyes - No Lies, Just Love
Bright Eyes - Nothing Gets Crossed Out
Bright Eyes - Poison Oak
Bright Eyes - Pull My Hair
Bright Eyes - Road to Joy
Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset
Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
Bright Eyes - Tereza and Tomas
Bright Eyes - The Calendar Hung Itself
Bright Eyes - Time
Bright Eyes - You Will, You Will Code
Brilliant Corners - Brian Rix
Brilliant Corners - Friday Saturday, Sunday Monday
Brilliant Corners - Meet Me on Tuesdays
Brilliant Corners - Oh!
Brilliant Corners - Please Please Please
Brilliant Corners - She's Got Fever
Brilliant Corners - Subtle as a Bomb
Brilliant Corners - Teenage
Brilliant Corners - Why Do You Have to Go Out with Him when You Could Go Out with Me?
British Sea Power - A Lovely Day Tomorrow
British Sea Power - A Wooden Horse
British Sea Power - Apologies to Insect Life
British Sea Power - Carrion
British Sea Power - Childhood Memories
British Sea Power - Fear of Drowning
British Sea Power - No Red Indian
British Sea Power - Remember Me
British Sea Power - Something Wicked
British Sea Power - Strange Communication
British Sea Power - The Spirit of St. Louis
Broken Social Scene - Cause = Time
Broken Social Scene - Passport Radio
Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy <12''>
Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia
Bruce Wooley & the Camera Club - Clean Clean
Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, I Do It for You
Bryan Adams - Heaven
Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) - Don't Stop the Dance
Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) - More than This

Budapest - Censored Memories
Budapest - Evade the Pain
Budapest - Further Away
Budapest - Is This the Best It Gets?
Budapest - Look You in the Eye
Budapest - Nothing New
Budapest - Save the Day
Budapest - Wakeup Call
Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day
Buffalo Tom - I'm Allowed
Buffalo Tom - Late at Night
Buffalo Tom - Mineral
Buffalo Tom - My Responsibility
Buffalo Tom - Summer
Buffalo Tom - Taillights Fade
Buffalo Tom - Torch Singer
Buffalo Tom - Tree House
Buggles, the - Video Killed the Radio Star

Burt Bacharach - Alfie
Burt Bacharach (and Nancy Wilson) - Alfie
Buzzcocks - Ballroom Blitz
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love?
Buzzcocks - Harmony in My Head
Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind
Buzzcocks - I Love You, You Big Dummy
Buzzcocks - Lipstick
Buzzcocks - Love You More
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Buzzcocks - Promises
Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again
Buzzcocks - Telephone Operator
Buzzcocks - Totally from the Heart
Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It?
Buzzcocks - Why She's a Girl from the Chain Store?
Byrds, the - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
Byrds, the - Eve of Destruction

Friday, February 25, 2005


Cactus Rain - The Look of Love
Cactus World News - Church of the Cold [Urban Beach]
Cactus World News - Maybe This Time [Urban Beach]
Cactus World News - The Bridge
Cactus World News - Worlds Apart

Cactus World News - Years Later [Urban Beach]
Cactus World News - Years Later
Cadets, the - Stranded in the Jungle
Call, the - Even Now [Reconciled]
Call, the - Everywhere I Go [Reconciled]
Camera Obscura - Arrangements of Shapes and Space
Camera Obscura - Books Written for Girls
Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan
Camera Obscura - Happy New Year
Camera Obscura - Houseboat
Camera Obscura - I Don't Do Crowds
Camera Obscura - I Don't Want to See You
Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
Camera Obscura - Pen and Notebook
Camera Obscura - Shine like a New Pin
Camera Obscura - Sun on His Back
Camera Obscura - Suspended from Class
Camera Obscura - Teenager
Camera Obscura - Theory of Sex as an Artform
Camera Obscura - Twenty-Five Diamonds
Camera Obscura - We Talked Midi
Camera Obscura - Your Picture
Camouflage - The Great Commandment
Camper van Beethoven - Picture of Matchstick Men
Camper van Beethoven - Tania [Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart]
Camper van Beethoven - The Day Lassie Went to the Moon
Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever (beatles orig)
Candyskins - All Over Now
Candyskins - Dig It Deep
Candyskins - Everybody Loves You
Candyskins - Feed It
Captain Beefheart - Dali's Car
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Full Moon, Hot Sun
Captain Sensible (of The Damned) - Damned on 45
Captain Sensible (of The Damned) - Happy Talk
Captain Sensible (of The Damned) - One Christmas Catalogue
Captain Sensible (of The Damned) - Wot
Cardigans, the - After All
Cardigans, the - Beautiful One
Cardigans, the - Been It
Cardigans, the - Black Letter Day
Cardigans, the - Carnival
Cardigans, the - Celia Inside
Cardigans, the - Choke
Cardigans, the - Cloudy Sky
Cardigans, the - Daddy's Car
Cardigans, the - Do You Believe?
Cardigans, the - Erase and Rewind
Cardigans, the - Explode
Cardigans, the - Fine
Cardigans, the - Gordon's Garden Party
Cardigans, the - Great Divide
Cardigans, the - Hanging Around
Cardigans, the - Happy Meal II
Cardigans, the - Heartbreaker
Cardigans, the - Hey, Get Out of My Way
Cardigans, the - Higher
Cardigans, the - In the Afternoon
Cardigans, the - Iron Man (black sabbath orig)
Cardigans, the - Last Song
Cardigans, the - Losers
Cardigans, the - Lovefool
Cardigans, the - Marvel Hill
Cardigans, the - My Favourite Game
Cardigans, the - Never Recover
Cardigans, the - Nil
Cardigans, the - Our Space
Cardigans, the - Over the Water
Cardigans, the - Paralyzed
Cardigans, the - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (black sabbath orig)
Cardigans, the - Seems Hard
Cardigans, the - Sick and Tired
Cardigans, the - Starter
Cardigans, the - Step on Me
Cardigans, the - Tomorrow
Cardigans, the - Travelling with Charlie
Cardigans, the - Your New Cuckoo
Care - Boyish Days [Diamonds and Emeralds]
Care - Love Crowns and Crucifies [Diamond and Emeralds]
Care - Misericorde [Diamond and Emeralds]
Care - Whatever Possessed You [Diamond and Emeralds]
Carpenters, the - Rainbow Connection
Carpettes - Small Wonder
Carter USM - Christmas Shoppers' Paradise
Carter USM - Hit (sugarcubes orig)
Carter USM - Lonely This Christmas
Carter USM - Panic (smiths cover)
Carter USM - Rent (pet shop boys orig)
Carter USM - Sheriff Fatman
Carter USM - The Model (kraftwerk orig)
Carter USM - The Only Living Boy in New Cross
Cascades, the - My First Day Alone
Cascades, the - Rhythm of the Rain
Catatonia - Dead from the Waist Down
Catatonia - Godspeed
Catatonia - Mulder And Scully
Catatonia - Some Half-Baked Idea called Wonderful
Catatonia - Stone by Stone
Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic
Catherine Wheel - Half Life
Catherine Wheel - I Want to Touch You
Catherine Wheel - Judy Staring at the Sun
Catherine Wheel - Show Me Mary
Catherine Wheel - Ursa Major Space Station
Catherine Wheel - Wish You Were Here
Cat's Miaow, the - Stay
Cause & Effect - You Think You Know Her
CCCP - American Soviet
CCCP - Made in Russia
Celebrate the Nun - Cry No More
Celebrate the Nun - Ordinary Town
Celebrate the Nun - Patience
Celebrate the Nun - So
Celebrate the Nun - Strange
Celebrate the Nun - Will You Be There?
Cessna - Milan, Japan
Cetu Javu - Situation
Chameleons U.K., the - As High as You Can Go
Chameleons U.K., the - Paradiso
Chameleons U.K., the - Pleasure and Pain
Chameleons U.K., the - Soul in Isolation
Chameleons U.K., the - Home Is Where the Heart Is
Chameleons U.K., the - Tears
Chantal Kreviazuk - Weight of the World
Chantal Kreviazuk - Time [Uptown Girl OST]
Chapterhouse - Breather
Chapterhouse - Mesmerize
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Charlatans UK, the - The Only One I Know

Charlotte Hatherley - Kim Wilde
Charming - Where Have I Been?
Cherry Orchard, the - Love Among the Stars
Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only
Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry
Chicago - If You Leave Me Now
Chicago - Will You Still Love Me?
Chicago - You're the Inspiration
China Crisis - African and White
China Crisis - African and White
China Crisis - A Golden Handshake for Every Daughter
China Crisis - Bigger the Punch I'm Feeling
China Crisis - Every Day the Same
China Crisis - King in a Catholic Style
China Crisis - Red Letter Day
China Crisis - Red Sails
China Crisis - Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives
China Crisis - Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives
China Crisis - Soulful Awakening
China Crisis - The Highest High
China Crisis - Tragedy and Mystery
China Crisis - When the Piper Calls
China Crisis - Wishful Thinking
China Crisis - Working with Fire and Steel
China Crisis - You Did Cut Me
Choking Victim - Money Changes Everything (cyndi lauper orig)

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (composed by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes)
Christina Aguilera - Dirty
Christopher Cross - Arthur's Theme (Best that You Can Do)
Christopher Cross - Think of Laura

Chumbawamba - Creepy Crawling
Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
Church, the - Antenna
Church, the - For a Moment We're Strangers
Church, the - Metropolis
Church, the - Myrrh
Church, the - No Explanation
Church, the - Tantalized
Church, the - Tear It All Away
Church, the - Under the Milky Way
Church, the - Unguarded Moment
(The Church's) Steve Kilbey - A Love Letter from Sydney
Chynna Philips - Naked and Sacred
Cinderella - Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone)
Circle Jerks - When the Shit Hits the Fan
Clair Marlo - 'Til They Take My Heart Away
Clan of Xymox - A Day
Clan of Xymox - A Million Things
Clan of Xymox - At the End of the Day
Clan of Xymox - Blind Hearts
Clan of Xymox - Cry in the Wind
Clan of Xymox - Equal Ways
Clan of Xymox - Evelyn
Clan of Xymox - Imagination
Clan of Xymox - Imagination II
Clan of Xymox - Medusa
Clan of Xymox - No Words
Clan of Xymox - November
Clan of Xymox - Scum
Clan of Xymox - The Same Dream
Clan of Xymox - Tonight
Clan of Xymox - Written in the Stars

Clash, the - Capital Radio One
Clash, the - Career Opportunities
Clash, the - Hitsville U.K.
Clash, the - London Calling

Clash, the - Police and Thieves
Clash, the - Rock the Casbah

Clash, the - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Clash, the - Train in Vain
Classix Nouveaux - Guilty
Classix Nouveaux - Guilty
Classix Nouveaux - Heart from the Start
Classix Nouveaux - Is It a Dream?
Classix Nouveaux - I Will Return
Classix Nouveaux - Never Again (The Days Time Erased)
Classix Nouveaux - Never Never Comes
Clay Aiken - Build Me Up Buttercup
Clay Aiken - Invisible
Cliff Richards - Ocean Deep
Climaxx - I Miss You
Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything
Close Lobsters, the - A Prophecy
Close Lobsters, the - Boys and Girls
Close Lobsters, the - D.D.R.I.N.
Close Lobsters, the - Firestation Towers
Close Lobsters, the - Float On
Close Lobsters, the - Get What They Deserve
Close Lobsters, the - Going to Heaven to See If It Rains
Close Lobsters, the - Let's Make Some Plans
Close Lobsters, the - Mirror Breaks
Close Lobsters, the - Never Seen Before
Close Lobsters, the - Nothing Really Matters
Close Lobsters, the - Pathetik Trivia
Close Lobsters, the - Skyscrapers of St. Mirin
Close Lobsters, the - Violently Pretty Face
Close Lobsters, the - Wide Waterways
Closet Monster - Mamma Anti-Facisto (Never Surrender)
Closet Monster- The Great Mall Explosion
Club 8 - Hope for Winter
Club 8 - Spring Came, Rain Fell
Club Noveau - Jealousy
Cocteau Twins - Aikea Guinea
Cocteau Twins - Alice
Cocteau Twins - Aloysius
Cocteau Twins - Amelia
Cocteau Twins - Frosty the Snowman
Cocteau Twins - Lorelei
Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dewdrops Drops
Cocteau Twins - Song to the Siren (tim buckley orig)
Cocteau Twins - Winter Wonderland
Cocteau Twins (with Robert Smith of The Cure) - Cherry Coloured Funk

Coheed & Cambria - Everything Evil
Coheed & Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic
Coheed & Cambria - Blood Red Summer
Coheed & Cambria - Delirium Trigger
Coheed & Cambria - Devil in Jersey City
Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth
Coheed & Cambria - Neverender
Coheed & Cambria - Shameless
Coheed & Cambria - The Crowing
Coldplay - Hunting High and Low (a-ha orig)
Colin Blunstone - Caroline, Goodbye
Colin Blunstone - Miles Away
Colour Radio - Adrianna Dreams
Colourfield, the - Colourfield
Colourfield, the - Sorry
Colourfield, the - Thinking of You
Colourfield, the - Thinking of You
Colourfield, the - Virgins and Philistines
Colourfield, the - Windmills of Your Mind
Colourfield, the - Can't Get Enough of You, Baby
Colourfield, the - Castles in the Air
Colours - Never Mind
Communards, the - Don't Leave Me This Way
Communards, the - Lover Man
Communards, the - Never Can Say Goodbye
Communards, the - There's More to Love than Boy Meets Girl
Communards, the - You Are My World
Comsat Angels, the - I'm Falling
Comsat Angels, the - Now I Know
Comsat Angels, the - Our Secret
Comsat Angels, the - You Move Me (One Good Reason)
Concrete Blonde - Happy Birthday
Concrete Blonde - Joey
Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy
Conway Twitty - Joni, Please Don't Cry
Copyright - Hypnotized
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night
Cornershop - Breaking Every Rule Language English
Cornershop - Brimful of Asha
Cornershop - Brimful of Asha
Cornershop - Candyman
Cornershop - It's Indian Tobacco, My Friend
Cornershop - Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III
Cornershop - People Power in the Disco Hour
Cornershop - Sleep on the Left Side
Corrs, the - Everybody Hurts (r.e.m. orig)
Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love
Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
Counting Crows - Omaha
Counting Crows - Rain King
Counting Crows - Round Here
Counting Crows - Start Again
Counting Crows - The Ghost in You (the psychedelic furs orig)
Cracker - Rainy Days and Mondays (the carpenters orig)
Cramps, the - Human Fly
Cramps, the - You Give Me Fever
Cramps, the - Zombie Dance
Cranberries - (They Long to Be) Close to You (the carpenters orig)
Cranberries - Dreams
Cranberries, the - Dying Inside
Cranberries - I Can't Be with You
Cranberries - Linger
Cranberries - Ode to My Family
Cranberries - Zombie

Crash Test Dummies - At My Funeral
Crash Test Dummies - How Does a Duck Know?

Crash Test Dummies - In the Bleak Midwinter
Crash Test Dummies - In the Days of the Caveman
Crash Test Dummies - Is the Spell Really Broken?
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm...Mmm...Mmm...Mmm
Crash Test Dummies - The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (xtc orig)

Crash Test Dummies - The First Noel
Creatures, the - Boomerang
Creatures, the - Japan
Creatures, the - Miss the Girl
Creatures, the - Standing There
Crooner, the - Headphone Romance
Crowded House - Always Take the Weather with You
Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon
Crowded House - Distant Sun
Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over
Crowded House - Four Seasons in One Day
Crowded House - Locked Out
Crowded House - Something So Strong
Crowded House - Tempted by the Fruit of Another
Crucial Three, the - Dag Nasty
Crumbacher - Glowing in the Dark
Crüxshadows, the - Bloodline
Crüxshadows, the - Children in Black
Crüxshadows, the - Here Comes the Rain Again (eurythmics orig)
Crüxshadows, the - Tears
Crüxshadows, the - Touch
Cult, the - Assault on Sanctuary
Cult, the - She Sells Sanctuary
Cult, the - Spiritwalker
Culture Club - Church of the Poison Mind
Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Culture Club - I'll Tumble for Ya
Culture Club - It's a Miracle
Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
Culture Club - Love Is Love
Culture Club - Miss Me Blind
Culture Club - Mistake No. 3
Culture Club - Move Away
Boy George (of Culture Club) - The Crying Game
Culture Club - The War Song
Culture Club - Time (Clock of the Heart)

Cure, the - A Chain of Flowers [B-side]
Cure, the - A Few Hours After This [B-side]
Cure, the - A Man Inside My Mouth [B-side]
Cure, the - Another Journey by Train [B-side]
Cure, the - Charlotte Sometimes [B-side]
Cure, the - Do the Hansa [B-side]
Cure, the - Exploding Boy [B-side]
Cure, the - Grinding Halt
Cure, the - Halo [B-side]
Cure, the - Happy the Man [B-side]
Cure, the - Home [B-side]
Cure, the - I'm Cold [B-side]
Cure, the - Lament [B-side]
Cure, the - Love Will Tear Us Apart (joy division orig) [B-side]
Cure, the - Mr. Pink Eyes [B-side]
Cure, the - New Day [B-side]
Cure, the - Ocean [B-side]
Cure, the - Piggy in the Mirror [B-side]
Cure, the - Pillbox Tales [B-side]
Cure, the - Plastic Passion [B-side]
Cure, the - Play [B-side]
Cure, the - Snow in Summer [B-side]
Cure, the - Spilt Milk [B-side]
Cure, the - Splintered in Her Head [B-side]
Cure, the - Stop Dead [B-side]
Cure, the - The Big Hand [B-side]
Cure, the - The Big Hand [B-side]
Cure, the - This Twilight Garden [B-side]
Cure, the - Throw Your Foot [B-side]
Cure, the - World in My Eyes (depeche mode orig) [B-side]
Cure, the - You're So Happy [B-side]
Cure, the [Disintegration] - Love Song
Cure, the [Bloodflowers] 02 - Watching Me Fall
Cure, the [Bloodflowers] 04 - Maybe Someday
Cure, the [Bloodflowers] 05 - The Last Day of Summer
Cure, the [Bloodflowers] 06 - There Is No If
Cure, the [Bloodflowers] 10 - Out of This World
Cure, the [Disintegration] - Pictures of You
Cure, the [Head on the Door] - A Night like This
Cure, the [Pornography] - Faith
Cure, the [The Cure] - The End of the World
Cure, the [The Cure] - The End of the World
Cure, the [Wish] - Friday I'm in Love
Cure, the [Wish] - To Wish Impossible Things
Cure, the - Another Day
Cure, the - The Perfect Girl
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 01 Lullaby [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 02 Pictures of You [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 03 Boys Don't Cry [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 04 Love Song [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 06 Lovecats [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 07 Bloodflowers [Whisper]
Cure String Quartet Illumina - 08 Maybe Someday [Whisper]
Cure, the [Wild Mood Swings] - The 13th

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Down to Earth
Cutting Crew - Any Colour
Cutting Crew - Don't Look Back
Cutting Crew - Everything but My Pride
Cutting Crew - Fear of Falling
Cutting Crew - Handcuffs for Houdini
Cutting Crew - I Just Died in Your Arms
Cutting Crew - It Shouldn't Take Too Long
Cutting Crew - I've Been in Love Before
Cutting Crew - Life in a Dangerous Time
Cutting Crew - One for the Mockingbird
Cutting Crew - Sahara
Cutting Crew - The Broadcast
Cutting Crew - Tip of Your Tongue
Cyndi Lauper - All through the Night
Cyndi Lauper - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper - Hey Now
Cyndi Lauper - Hymn to Love
Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night
Cyndi Lauper - I Want a Mom that Will Last Forever
Cyndi Lauper - If You Go Away
Cyndi Lauper (and Ann Wilson) - Maybe I'm Amazed
Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything
Cyndi Lauper - She Bop
Cyndi Lauper - Strawberry Fields Forever (beatles orig)
Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies R' Good Enuff
Cyndi Lauper - Time after Time
Cyndi Lauper - True Colours
Cyndi Lauper - Unchained Melody (righteous brothers orig)
Cyndi Lauper - Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
Cyndi Lauper - Walk On By
Cyndi Lauper - Who Let in the Rain
Cyndi Lauper - When You Were Mine
Cyndi Lauper - Manic Monday (bangles orig)


Dada - Dizzkneeland
Dada - Dorina
Dada - Mary Sunshine Rain
Dada - Posters
Damned, the - Alone Again Or
Damned, the - Edward the Bear
Damned, the - Gigolo
Damned, the - Grimly Fiendish
Damned, the - Is It a Dream
Damned, the - The Shadow of Love
Damn Yankees - High Enough
Dandy Warhols - I Am Over It
Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy
Dandy Warhols - Solid
Danny Elfman - Flowers
Danny Elfman - Ice Dance [Edward Scissorhands OST]
Danny Elfman - The End [Edward Scissorhands OST]
Danny Hutton Hitters - Wouldn't It Be Good
Dan Seals - One Friend
Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting
Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting (ext)
Danse Society - Hold On
Danse Society - Say it Again
Danse Society - The Night
Darkness, the - Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)
Darling Buds - If
Datsuns, the - In Love
Datsuns, the - What Would I Know?
David Bowie - As the World Falls Down [Labyrinth OST]
David Bowie - Chilly Down [Labyrinth OST]
David Bowie - China Girl
David Bowie - Fame
David Bowie - Hello, Spaceboy
David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans
David Bowie - Let's Dance
David Bowie - Rock n' Roll Suicide
David Bowie - Space Oddity
David Bowie - Theme [Labyrinth OST]
David Bowie - This Is Not America [Falcon & the Snowman OST]
David Bowie - Underground [Labyrinth OST]
David Bowie - Within You [Labyrinth OST]
David Bowie - Young Americans
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
David Foster - Just for a Moment (St. Elmo's Fire movie love theme)
David Gray - My Oh My
David Gray - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (soft cell orig)
David Pomeranz - Born for You
David Pomeranz - Got to Believe in Magic
David Pomeranz - King and Queen of Hearts
David Sylvian (of Japan) - Blue of Noon
David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees
David Sylvian - Forbidden Colours
David Sylvian - Red Guitar
David Sylvian (& John Cale) - First Evening
David Sylvian (& Mick Karn) - When Love Walks In
David Sylvian (& Ryuichi Sakamoto) - Bamboo Houses
David Sylvian (& Sahara Blue) - Victim of Stars
David Sylvian (& This Mortal Coil) - It'll End In Tears
Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid
Dead Can Dance - Arabian Gothic
Dead Can Dance - Chant of the Paladin
Dead Can Dance - I Am Stretched on Your Grave
Dead Can Dance - Music for Vampires
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
Dead Kennedys - I Fought the Law (bobby fuller four orig)
Dead Kennedys - I Kill Children
Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor
Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round
Dead Kennedys - MTV (Get Off the Air)
Dead Kennedys - Stealing People's Mail
Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
Dead Milkmen - Beach Party Vietnam
Dead Milkmen - Beach Song
Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
Dead Milkmen - If You Love Somebody Set Them on Fire
Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana Peels
Dead Milkmen - The Badger Song [Bucky Fellini]
Dead Milkmen - The Thing that Only Eats Hippies
Dead Milkmen - Violent School
Dead Milkmen - Watching Scotty Die [Bucky Fellini]
Dead or Alive - Blue Christmas
Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover
Dead or Alive - In Too Deep
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round
Deadlines, the - Burn In Burn Out
Deadlines, the - Functions over Function
Dears, the - Corduroy Boy
Dears, the - Dear Mr. Popstar
Dears, the - Heartless Romantic
Dears, the - Lost in the Plot
Dears, the - Never Destroy Us
Dears, the - Summer of Protest
Dears, the - Where the World Begins and Ends
Death Cab for Cutie - Fake Frowns
Death Cab for Cutie - Here Comes the Rain Again (eurythmics orig)
Death Cab for Cutie - Kaleidoscope
Death Cab for Cutie - Movie Script
Death Cab for Cutie - Phonebooth
Death Cab for Cutie - Sleep Tight
Death Cab for Cutie - Technicolor Girls
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Def Leppard - How Do You Talk to an Angel?
Deftones - To Have and To Hold (depeche mode orig)
Dekka Danse - Immagnetized
Del Amitri - Always the Last to Know
Del Amitri - Kiss This Thing Goodbye
Del Amitri - Nothing Ever Happens
Del Amitri - Roll to Me
Delerium (feat. Leigh Nash) Innocente (Falling in Love)
Delgados, the - Accused of Stealing
Delgados, the - All You Need Is Hate
Delgados, the - American Trilogy
Delgados, the - Blackpool
Delgados, the - Clarinet
Delgados, the - Coming In from the Cold
Delgados, the - Everything Goes around the Water
Delgados, the - Favours
Delgados, the - If This Is a Plan
Delgados, the - Keep on Breathing
Delgados, the - Make Your Move
Delgados, the - No Danger
Delgados, the - Russian Orthodox
Delgados, the - The Actress
Delgados, the - The Light before We Land
Delgados, the - Woke from Dreaming
Deluxtone Rockets - Lovesong (cure orig)
Den Harrow - A Taste of Love
Den Harrow - A Taste of Love (remix)
Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boys
Depeche Mode - A Question of Lust
Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours
Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight
Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight (US ext remix)
Depeche Mode - Dream On
Depeche Mode - Flexible
Depeche Mode - It Doesn't Matter
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode - Route 66
Depeche Mode - See You
Depeche Mode - Somebody
Depeche Mode - Somebody (heartbeat)
Depeche Mode - Sometimes
Depeche Mode - The Sweetest Condition
Descendents - Bikeage
Descendents - Cameage
Descendents - Catalina
Descendents - Cheer
Descendents - Clean Sheets
Descendents - Coolidge
Descendents - Get the Time
Descendents - Hope
Descendents - I Don't Want to Grow Up
Descendents - I Like Food
Descendents - I'm Not a Punk
Descendents - Kabuki Girl
Descendents - Pep TalkDescendents - Silly Girl
Descendents - Rockstar
Descendents - Sad State of Affairs
Descendents - Sour Grapes
Descendents - Sour Grapes (live)
Descendents - Suburban Home
Descendents - Weinerschnitzel
Descendents - Wendy
Desert Wolves - Speak to Me, Rochelle
Devine & Statton - Bizarre Love Triangle (new order orig)
Devo - Peek-a-Boo
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on, Eileen
DFX2 - Downtown
Dial M - House of Joy
Dig - Believe
Digney Fignus - The Girl with the Curious Hand
Dillon Fence - Daylight
Dillon Fence - Hey, Mockingbird
Dillon Fence - Living Room Scene
Dillon Fence - Sad Inheritance
Dinosaur Jr. - Blowing It
Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain
Dinosaur Jr. - Flying Cloud
Dinosaur Jr. - Forget the Swan
Dinosaur Jr. - Grab It
Dinosaur Jr. - I Don't Think So
Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven (cure orig)
Dinosaur Jr. - Little Furry Things
Dinosaur Jr. - Not the Same
Dinosaur Jr. - Out There
Dinosaur Jr. - Seemed like the Thing to Do
Dinosaur Jr. - Show Me the Way
Dinosaur Jr. - Start Choppin'
Dinosaur Jr. - The Boy with the Thorn in His Side (the smiths orig)
Dinosaur Jr. - Yeah Right
Diodes, the - Tired of Waking Up Tired
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Dire Straits - Walk of Life
Disco Polo - Santa Maria
Dishwalla - Policy of Truth (depeche mode orig)
Disturbed - Shout (Tears for Fears orig)
Divine Comedy - Absent Friends
Divine Comedy - Becoming More like Alfie
Divine Comedy - My Imaginary Friend
Divine Comedy - Something for the Weekend
Divine Comedy - The Happy Goth
Divinyls, the - I Touch Myself
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Apples and Oranges
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Big City Takeover
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Celebrity Sanctum
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Godhopping
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - I Love You Cause I Have To
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - I've Got Mandarins in My Cheek
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Lounger
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Man Bites Man
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Modern Woman
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - No One Teaches Life Anything
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Pastimes and Lifestyles
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Paul Newman's Eyes
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Queen of Pumpkin Plukes
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Somewhat Off the Way
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Who Shot the Baby?
Dogstar - Breathe Tonight
Dogstar - Cornerstore
Dogstar - Enchanted
Dogstar - Goodbye
Dogstar - I Wish It Would Rain
Dogstar - Rain (voice Keanu Reeves)
Dogstar - Superstar
Don Henley - Boys of Summer
Donna Lewis - Falling
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
Donna Lewis - Nothing Ever Changes
Donna Lewis - Silent World
Donna Lewis (& Richard Marx) - Wonderful Journey
Donnas, the - Who Invited You>
Dooleys, the - Body Language
Dooleys, the - Hands Across the Sea
Doug & the Slugs - Drifting Away
Doug & the Slugs - To Be Laughing
Doves, the - Caught by the River
Doves, the - Firesuite
Doves, the - The Man who Told Everything
Dramarama - 400 Blows
Dramarama - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
Dramarama - Haven't Got a Clue
Dramarama - I've Got Spies
Dramarama - Last Cigarette
Dramarama - Steve and Edie
Dramarama - What Are We Gonna Do?
Dramarama - Wonderamaland
Dramarama - Work for Food
Dream Academy - Indian Summer
Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town
Dream Academy - The Edge of Forever
Dream Academy - The Love Parade
Dreamscape Unlimited - Penumbra
Dressy Vagabonds - Glenda and the Test Tube Baby (toy dolls orig)
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Dryden Mitchell - Friday, I'm in Love (the cure orig) [50 First Dates OST]
Duncan Sheik - Half Life
Duprees, the - You Belong to Me
Duran Duran - A View to a Kill
Duran Duran - Astronaut
Duran Duran - Chains
Duran Duran - Come Undone
Duran Duran - Finest Hour
Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Duran Duran - Hallucinating Elvis
Duran Duran - Hold Me
Duran Duran - Hungry like the Wolf
Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday
Duran Duran - Nice
Duran Duran - Notorious
Duran Duran - One of Those Days
Duran Duran - Ordinary World
Duran Duran - Playing with Uranium
Duran Duran - Point of No Return
Duran Duran - Rio
Duran Duran - (Reach Up for the) Sunrise
Duran Duran - Someone Else Not Me
Duran Duran - Still Breathing
Duran Duran - Taste the Summer
Duran Duran - Want You More
Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow?
Duran Duran - White Lines
Durutti Column - Destroy, She Said
Durutti Column - Fado
Durutti Column - Love No More
Durutti Column - Otis
Durutti Column - Pauline
Durutti Column - Tomorrow
Dylans, the - Planet Love